Christmas Beef Special

Welcome to our farm!  Where real cows eat cropland grass only.

Grass-fed & Grass Finished

At Holy Cow Grass Fed Beef, we take pride in nurturing a sustainable, environmentally friendly, farm.
You can trust Holy Cow Grass Fed only Beef.   See for yourself, come visit our farm.  Hay look at us!
We're High Class Cows - Steaks Alive!  We're Big, Wide, Long, Thick, Extra Deep Bodied.  
Ooo La La!  And..., we have lots of milk!  Boy aren't we Beautiful, Full Figured Mamma Cows?  
Come and see us in our green lush, irrigated, cropland planted pastures at
Holy Cow Grass Fed Beef farm in Wapato, WA.

Drawing on a lifetime of farming experience, determination and a lot of hard work, Holy Cow Grass Fed Beef opened in 2006. This was my American Dream come true, reaching my goal in providing affordable, high quality homegrown grass-fed beef directly to you, the consumer.  But..., not just any beef.  It had to be exceptional - just the way I would want it for myself and my family.  

My dream required that the livestock be raised humanely in a stress-free environment.  They would live without worries, be treated with respect and love, and graze freely on lush, fresh cropland planted grasses.  They would be happy cattle. Nourishing and treating the herd in this way, truly affects the flavor of the beef and it just feels morally right. The result?
The beef produced is tasty, tender, juicy, lean, and heart healthy.

I'm also proud to note, that I was awarded the first woman in Wapato WA, the title of "2012 Farmer of the Year" from the Greater Wapato Area Chamber of Commerce.  Truly an honor!

This endeavor to create Holy Cow Grass Fed Beef started with developing plans 10 years ago.  Throughout this time I have become a certified inspected producer of Grass Fed Only USA.  In 2011, I was awarded top animal welfare certification.  At Holy Cow Grass Fed Beef, we abide by USA Grass fed only practices and are in the process of acquiring their certification.  Our cropland planted grasses assure you, the buyer, that beef purchased through Holy Cow Grass-fed Beef was prduced using animal welfare approved methods: no toxic pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, or synthetic fertilizers are ever used in any of our farming practices.  We are inspected at least once a year by a third party- Animal Welfare Approved and Grass Fed Only USA.

Today, as I take in the view from our back porch, 200+ livestock graze on our dark green irrigated planted grasses that we've grown from seed.  It is beautiful.  We're proud.  Proud to be the breeder, grower, and certified producer of Grass Fed & Grass Finished Angus / Limousin Hybrid Beef.  

Holy Cow Grass Fed Beef farm is located in the lush Yakima Valley of Central Washington.  Since 1945 this property has been a cattle ranch.  Under my care, we have planted 128 acres of planted grass fields and grazed over 125 mama cows, 80 juvenile delinquents (teenagers), 40 new baby calves, and 4 bulls.  

Purchase our planted grass-fed beef through farmer-friendly direct trade; we function as a custom - delivery CSA for customers in the large cities of Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada and Utah.  We can deliver or you are welcome to pick up from the farm and receive a personalized tour in our moo mobile.  

Some of our customer's testimonials

"Hey Janelle, our four kids (one on the way), love the hamburger and the tour of the farm!  What a great way to save money on our Grass Fed Beef.  Thanks for delivering to Seattle W.A."  
Snoqualmie, WA  Renee Shaw

"Good food is one of my biggest passions, and I am well aware of the benefits of pasture based agriculture for the health of humans, animals, and the planet. I really appreciate what you do.  Thanks for the great service!"
Sacramento, California  Nadia Stoufflet

"Holy Cow your Grassfed beef is great tasting!!!!!!!   We love the Holy Hog Great Pork  Thanks"  
Yakima County, WA  Tim Price

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