Grass Fed Beef Facts

Interesting Facts
All cows are grass-fed….Right?
Do you know what meat you're buying to eat in the super market? 
Grain-fed, feedlot slaughter cow or old dairy cows that can't make it!  O.M.G.

Find out more about the revolutionary movie: 
Food Inc.  As the movie claims, "You'll never look at dinner the same way" and "You'll be hungry for change".

The film talks about the dangers to humans when consuming beef: beef that has been fed growth hormones, antibiotics, and GMO substances.  Also describes unhealthy feed-lot conditions, E-coli prevalence in corn-fed beef, and animal cruelty practices in Industrial Corporate farming.

The point here is you should know where your food comes from - buy direct from a grass fed farmer.
Check this video out:
A film about Sustainable
Farming by American Meat

Seriously-No bull! Have you herd?  We do it right from the ground up!  

Producing the best quality beef starts with choosing the right stock.  Using cutting edge technology, we are able to aquire the genetic history of the livestock that will produce the best quality beef.  Their health history, amount of muscle mass, amount of marbling and size all matters in bringing you a tender, juicy, heart healthy, lean protein meat.  

In addition to genetics, quality beef requires nutritous feed.  Here at Holy Cow Grass Fed Beef, our herd feeds on mama's milk and then cropland pasture grasses.  To assure they receive the highest quality grasses, we grow our own grass as a crop. Our pastures contain a blend of red and white clover, native grass, blue grass, rye grass, orchard grass, sweet grasses and alfalfa. We call this our Spring Mix.  The herd rotates from pasture to pasture, giving them clean feed every 3 days.

Come and see our farm.  
Check out our livestock and take ain our look at dark, lush cropland pasture grass.  See the difference.
We grow our grass from seed.  The Bull plants his seed in the Cow.  We raise the Calf from Birth to Harvest.
Buy Direct from the Grass Grower, Angus/Limousin Breeder, Certified Producers of Grass Fed Beef . Holy Cow!

 The Only Way 

  • Grass fed beef is what God intended us to eat.
  • The animals should be FREE to graze, and FREE from stress.  
  • We need to Know where our food comes from and that it is harvested and processed in a safe and sanitary manor. 
  • We need to know where our livestock comes from genetically and where they have lived. Our calves are born, raised, and harvested here at the farm.