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Grass Feed Pork GrazingHoly Hog Pork is raised humanely in a stress-free environment.  They live without worries, are treated with respect and love, and graze freely on lush, fresh cropland planted grasses and other well-chosen farm grown or locally sourced feeds.   Nourishing and treating the animals in this way, truly affects the flavor of the pork and it just feels morally right. The result?  The Pork we produce is flavorful, tender, and juicy.

Holy Hog Pork is: 
  • Certified Humane Rasied And Handled
  • Animal Welfare Approved
  • Drug-free
  • Free Range
Holy Hog Pork Feed is:
  • Non-GMO
  • No Soy
  • No Corn
  • Farm Raised
  • Locally Sourced
These little piggies are happy, content piggies - born, raised, and harvested on the farm. They are free range with over 24 acres of lush pasture to roam.

Custom Butcher Ordering • Sold by hanging weight. Weight ranges 165 - 200 lbs. • Price includes harvest fees - Smoking, Cutting, Wrapping • Pork Chops, Steaks, Ribs, Roast, Smoked Ham Steaks, Bacon, Ham Hocks.
Pick your favorite Breakfast Sausage Flavor.

Pork Offerings

Farm Fresh Pork Typical Final Weight Price Per Deposit (personal check, cash, or credit card)
Young Pork 1/2 (hanging) 100 lbs 5.00 100.00
Young Pork Whole (hanging) 200 lbs 5.00 100.00
Young Pork (live) 200 lbs 5.00 Farm Pick up ONLY
(Cash or Check)

Please be aware that it takes about 30 days from harvesting to delivery to complete the aging, cutting, wrapping and smoking of your pork.

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Ordering/Pick Up/ Delivery

  • Once deposit is secured, your meat is reserved.
  • Note deposits are non-refundable.

 Final Payment: 

  • Preferred Payment is via Square Invoice, After harvest you will be invoiced for final Weight (if applicible)  
    This takes approximately 4 - 5 days.
  • Checks - to be received and cleared by the bank prior to pick-up or shipping.  
    This takes approximately 4 - 5 days.
  • Cash, Money Order, Cashier's Check are guaranteed funds.
    Orders can be shipped immediately or picked-up.   


  • Refrigerated trucks with monitored temperature gauges
  • No dry ice (can burn the meat, leave a smell, alter the taste)
  • Delivery Charges cover Refrigerated Truck, Driver and Fuel
  • Delivery to centrally located sites(extra charges apply) in Seattle, WA - Portland, OR - Vancouver, WA. - San Francisco, CA - Sacramento, CA Delivery to centrally located sites in Spokane, WA - Los Angeles, CA - Las Vegas, NV - Salt Lake City, UT

 Pick Up:

  • No extra charge 
  • No extra taxes fees for cutting and wrapping. 
  • Arrange a tour...    

Centralized Delivery Truck Locations:

  • San Francisco, CA 
    • Wholesale Market - 2095 Jerrold Ave
  • Sacramento, CA
    • The Old 5th St. Produce Market - 2630 5th St
  • Los Angeles, CA
    • New Market - 1601 East Olympic
  • Las Vegas, NV
    • Arranged with purchaser / broker
  • Portland, OR
    • Arranged with purchaser / broker
  • Salt Lake City, UT
    • Arranged with purchaser / broker
  • Vancouver, WA
    • Arranged with purchaser / broker
  • Seattle, WA
    • Charlie's Produce Warehouse - 4123 2nd Ave
  • Spokane, WA
    • Arranged with purchaser / broker