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Smart Grass-fed Genetics

Our certified Angus/Limousin grass-fed beef ensures premium marbling and muscle growth.  We are proud of our registrations and certifications because they represent our dedication to sustainable  land practices and a quality product. 

Here at Holy Cow, I don't just raise the beef I also grow the feed they eat - 100% cropland grass seed mix!  We raise a closed herd of certified Angus marbling bulls and registered Limousin cows.  This produces a superior hybrid that is born, raised, and finished on our farm. The highest quality beef begins with breeding the superior genetics.   

Our breeding tips for the best
At holy cow we believe that goodness comes from the ground up. That's why our cows eat only the finest cropland grown grass. They love the vegetarian, planted grass buffet that they are treated to every day.

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Limousin Beef  is a very old breed originating from the Limousin and Marche regions of France.  Although they came from both regions, their breed is known as Limousin Beef.  The breed dates back prior to the first Limousin Herd Book created in 1886.  The Herd Book is a registry created to ensure the breed's purity - keeping a record of their genetic heritage, rates their genetic value, their individual performance, and their family history.  To be registered, to be noted in the Herd Book, means the cattle were inspected and satisfied strict breed qualifications.  To this day, using and having registered Limousin beef here at Holy Cow farm, means we have only quality animals on our farm.  It also means we know the genetic make-up and value of our beef, thereby knowing the type of beef it will produce and what you will receive.

Some of the attributes in breeding Registered Limousin beef is that the herd is known for its premium muscle, ease of birth delivery (they are docile), and they have a longer loin area.  The longer loin area means you will get more T-Bone and Rib-Eye steaks, because this is where best cuts are found.  Their docile attitude and the fact that they mature faster than other herds attributes to the beef's tenderness.

Angus Beef have an interesting story.  The beef originated prior to the 1800's in Scotland.  The herd then became established in Australia and New Zealand.  Angus beef wasn't introduced into the United States until decades later, 1873, when 4 Angus Bulls were imported. At that time, these bulls were considered "freaks" (wikipedia) and only used for crossbreeding. Their offspring - although not registered - made such a positive impression that cattleman started to import Angus Beef from Scotland, thus creating today's purebred Angus Beef in the United States.  The American Aberdeen Angus Association was founded Nov 21, 1883 (shortened their name to the American Angus Association in the 1950's), and the Association's first Herd Book was published March 1, 1885.  

Angus beef are primarily known for their degree and texture of marbling.  Marbling reflects the flavor of the beef.  Not all Angus are the same.  There are 8 grades of Angus Beef and they are graded by the U.S Department of Agriculture.   The different grades are: Prime, Choice, Select, Standard, Commercial, Utility, Cutter and Canner. Angus, similar to Limousin, have a faster maturity rating, thus producing more tender beef.  Some grades of Angus' genetics produce the highest marbling capability compared with other breeds.

Angus / Limousin Hybrid  At Holy Cow farms, we produce Limousin/Angus Hybrid calves.  The registered Limousin Cows and the 98% marbling capability of our Angus Bulls - their crossbreeding, provide the best qualities of both breeds.  This hybrid matures early which produces a more consistent marbling capability which enhances the flavor, and their genetics (longer loin area) provides you more T-Bones and Rib-Eyes.  Combining the characteristics of both breeds is called Lim-Flex. This cross breeding method and the way we care for our herd, ensures that you receive the highest quality 100% natural cropland grass-fed beef. In return, it creates the perfect combination of marbling and muscle, for that wonderful clean beef flavor.  The meat is consistently juicy, flavorful, tender, lean and naturally lower in fat and cholesterol than other breeds.

To learn more about our Bulls - take a look at Meat Maker Genetics. We are the beef grower!

Meat Maker
We Select Superior Meat Maker Bulls.
The perfect balance between superior muscle growth and marbling genetics.

Knowing the right certified genetics.

Who's Your Daddy? 
This is what a superior Angus Bull looks like.  Here at Holy Cow Grass Fed farm, we select top quality Angus Bulls for our breeding.  Their bloodline produces the highest in marbling capability and carcass data.  Knowing the genetics is essential in producing the highest quality beef.
The perfect balance between superior muscle growth and marbling genetics.