Offerings (special prices in RED)

Farm Fresh Products Typical Final Weight Price Per Deposit (personal check, cash, or credit card)
Young Meat Goat (hanging) 125 lbs 10.00 100.00
Young Meat Goat(live) 125 lbs 9.00 n/a
Young Pork 1/4 (hanging) 50 lbs 5.50 50.00
Young Pork 1/2 (hanging) 100 lbs 5.00 100.00
Young Pork Whole (hanging) 200 lbs 5.00 100.00
Young Pork (live) 200 lbs 5.00 n/a
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Beef Products
1/8th Beef Moo Mix 75 lbs 6.25 150.00
1/4 Beef Moo Mix 150 lbs 6.00 200.00
1/2 Beef Custom Order 300 lbs 5.75 400.00
Whole Beef Custom 600-700 lbs 5.50 800.00
Extra Lean 90% Sirloin Ground Beef 10 lbs 8.00 n/a
Extra Lean 90% Sirloin Ground Beef 20 lbs 7.50 n/a
Extra Lean Italian Beef Sausage 1 lb 3.99 n/a
Kidney Varies 10.00 n/a
Liver 1 lb 7.00 n/a
Heart Varies 15.00 n/a
Ox Tail Varies 20.00 n/a
Cheeks Varies 20.00 n/a
Tongue Varies 20.00 n/a
MooMix Sampler Varies 135.00 n/a
Grass Fed Jerky Varies - PKG 6.50 n/a
Summer Sausage 1.5 lb 10.00 n/a
Summer Sausage w/cheddar 1.5 lb 12.00 n/a
Breakfast Products (Farm Pickup Only)
Bacon 1 lb 9.00 n/a
Ham Steak 1 lb 10.00 n/a
Breakfast Sausage (links) 1 lb 12.00 n/a
Eggs 1 doz 5.00 n/a
Eggs 3 doz 12.00 n/a
Breakfast Kit (Eggs + Meat) Ham Steak 1 Doz + 1 lb 15.00 n/a
Breakfast Kit (Eggs + Meat) Ham Steak 2 Doz + 2 lb 28.00 n/a
Breakfast Kit (Eggs + Meat) Sausage Links 1 Doz + 1 lb 15.00 n/a
Breakfast Kit (Eggs + Meat) Sausage Links 2 Doz + 2 lbs 28.00 n/a
Breakfast Kit (Eggs + Meat) Bacon 1 Doz + 1 lb 15.00 n/a
Breakfast Kit (Eggs + Meat) Bacon 2 Doz + 2 lb 28.00 n/a

Please note that on items where a deposit is applicable, that it is a deposit ONLY, and will be applied towards the final harvested hanging weight of the animal and that will be invoiced separately after harvest.  You will be invoiced separately for shipping charges if not picking up from the farm.

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Animal Welfare Aprroved Certifications

These certifications and endorsements are a badge of honor for a family farmer and a safeguard for you the consumer.
They are for your health and safety - to assure you that our farm meets specific quality and health standards.  In truth, at Holy Cow Grass Fed Beef, we strive to exceed these requirements - we want to be the very best. We want to earn your respect and your business. Our livestock says no to drugs!   

Certified GrassfedCertified HumaneCertified NON-GMO Animal Welfare Approved

When you see the Certified Humane Raised and Handled® label on a product you can be assured that the food products
have come from facilities that meet precise, objective standards for farm animal treatment.

High Quality Beef Cow Facts: 
Registered -  Black Angus / Limousin Hybrid 

  • Angus produces the Highest Marbling Capability
  • Limousins are noted for their lean beef
  • Limousins have a longer loin area - more T-Bones & Rib Eyes than any other breed
  • ALL our cows and bulls are registered seed stock
  • We know the health and genetic history of each and every one of our livestock
  • We assure you are receiving the highest quality beef
  • NO  Growth Hormones
  • NO  Antibiotics - A THREAT TO HUMAN HEALTH
  • NO  Pesticides
  • NO  Herbicides
  • NO  Worries - Stress Free Environment - Come visit
  • NO  GMO grass seeded crops
  • NO  Grain
  • NO  Feedlot Conditions

 How many months to deliver a calf?

  • 9 months - Mama Cow is pregnant 
  • 8 months - Raised on mama's milk and grass
  • 10 months - Pastured on irrigated cropland pasture grass 
  • 18 months old - Steers are harvested for tenderness
  • 27 months total - to produce 1 product start to finish
  • Great tasting at a great price
  • Straight from the farm to your table
  • High in Omega-3
  • Lower in Omega-6 than grain fed beef
  • Affordable Pricing by Buying Direct
  • You're supporting your local American farmer 
  • Animal Welfare Approved-Inspected
  • Grass-fed Only USA Certified-Inspected
  • USDA Crop Reports - FSA Grass farmer
  • Certified Humane
  • Grow Organic
  • Only Organic