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Welcome to our farm! Where real cows eat cropland grass only. Grass-fed & Grass Finished

At Holy Cow Grass Fed Beef, we take pride in nurturing a sustainable, environmentally friendly, farm.
You can trust Holy Cow Grass Fed only Beef.   See for yourself, come visit our farm.  Hay look at us!
We're High Class Cows - Steaks Alive!  We're Big, Wide, Long, Thick, Extra Deep Bodied.
Ooo La La!  And..., we have lots of milk!  Boy aren't we Beautiful, Full Figured Mamma Cows?
Come and see us in our green lush, irrigated, cropland planted pastures at
Holy Cow Grass Fed Beef farm in Wapato, WA.

My dream required that the livestock be raised humanely in a stress-free environment.  They would live without worries, be treated with respect and love, and graze freely on lush, fresh cropland planted grasses.  They would be happy cattle. Nourishing and treating the herd in this way, truly affects the flavor of the beef and it just feels morally right. The result?
The beef produced is tasty, tender, juicy, lean, and heart healthy.

I have become a certified inspected producer for Grass Fed Only USA. At Holy Cow Grass Fed Beef, we abide by USA Grass fed only and are approved with certified humane raised and handled certifications. Our cropland planted grasses assure you, the buyer, that beef purchased through Holy Cow Grass-fed Beef was produced using animal welfare approved methods: no toxic pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, or synthetic fertilizers are ever used in any of our farming practices.

Proud to be the breeder, grower, and certified producer of Grass Fed & Grass Finished Black Angus / Limousin / Kobe Hybrid Beef.

Purchase our planted grass-fed beef through farmer-friendly direct trade; we function as a custom - delivery CSA for customers in the large cities of Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada and Utah.  We can deliver or you are welcome to pick up from the farm and receive a personalized tour in our moo mobile.




101 Cow sense!

Free range, certified humanely raised        
No GMO feed
Antibiotic free - Holy Cow grass fed beef!
Things we must know before buying Consumer Beware - DO YOU KNOW?  Cheapest is not always the best quality

  • 70% of antibiotics are fed to feedlot, grain-fed, beef. They are fed to beef that are NOT sick!
  • Feedlot beef, commonly known as store bought beef, is not aged beef.  When cooking, feedlot beef shrinks in size.  You're paying more per pound than you realize.
  • Where did your beef come from?  What country? Recalls have been reported from beef that has been mass produced in slaughter facilities.
  • Not all Angus Beef is equal in flavor.  They are rated by their family history of marbling.  The greater the marbling, the higher the cost.
  • Who has raised and finished your beef?  At Holy Cow Grass Fed Beef, we know our livestock, you therefore know what you are purchasing.  We know their breed, health, age and the quality of beef they'll produce. Other private producers, known as Marketers or Finishers, select their cattle in auction yards where their breed, age, health and genetics are ALL unknown!  Also, the stress cattle go through when placed at auction affects the tenderness and taste of the beef they produce.  Know where and who raised your beef!
  • Where did your beef live throughout his/her life?  Why does this matter?  Livestock that are bred, born, raised and finished on one farm have less stress and health problems.  
  • Those that are grass fed on irrigated cropland planted pasture have higher nutritional value and taste better than those eating brush or unknown wild grasses on ranches or farms.
  • Grass Fed Only Labeled Beef assures you, the consumer, that the beef has never been sick in its entire lifetime, and that it has been inspected and certified by Grass Fed Only U.S.A and inspected by Animal Welfare Approved standards.  
  • Natural Labeled Beef can be mis-leading, in that it has not been inspected by a third party, guaranteeing that the beef has been raised and follows all Organic Standards.  Also, the term Natural Beef can be used for livestock that has been ill at some point in their life.
  • Do you know where and how your beef has been harvested?  A hard subject, but this is reality.  At Holy Cow Grass Fed Beef, we love and respect our animals to the end.  They are harvested one at a time, in a stress free environment, away from the herd.  They think it is meal time - they don't know what is coming next.  It is quick and painless.  One cow is harvested at a time.  Our Custom Butcher does this on site, working in a clean, sanitized truck.  Our farm is not a slaughter house where beef is harvested in a mass production.  It is not a slaughter house where cows know what is going to happen, where they are stressed and there could be a higher risk of cross contamination.  

Customer Testimonials

2018 Jr. Livestock Show Champion
2018 Jr. Livestock Show Champion
2017 best in show trophy for best carcass
2017 best in show trophy for best carcass