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Farm Fresh Products
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Typical Final WeightPrice PerDeposit (personal check, cash, or credit card)
Young Meat Goat (hanging)125 lbs10.00100.00
Young Meat Goat(live)125 lbs9.00n/a
Young Pork 1/2 (hanging)100 lbs5.50100.00
Young Pork Whole (hanging)200 lbs5.50100.00
Young Pork (live)200 lbs5.00n/a
Gift Cardsn/a$25-150Click Here to Buy
Beef Products
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Typical Final WeightPrice PerDeposit (personal check, cash, or credit card)
1/8th Beef Moo Mix75 lbs7.50150.00
1/4 Beef Moo Mix150 lbs7.25200.00
1/2 Beef Custom Order300 lbs7.00400.00
Whole Beef Custom Order600-700 lbs6.75800.00
Extra Lean 90%
Sirloin Ground Beef
10 lbs9.00n/a
Extra Lean 90%
Sirloin Ground Beef
20 lbs8.75n/a
Liver1 lb10.00n/a
Ox TailVaries25.00n/a
MooMix SamplerVaries150.00n/a
Grass Fed JerkyVaries - PKG10.00n/a
Summer Sausage1.5 lb10.00n/a
Summer Sausage w/cheddar1.5 lb12.00n/a
Breakfast Products
(Farm Pickup Only)
Typical Final WeightPrice PerDeposit (personal check, cash, or credit card)
Bacon1 lb10.00n/a
Ham Steak1 lb10.00n/a
Breakfast Sausage (links)1 lb12.00n/a
Eggs1 doz6.00n/a
Eggs3 doz15.00n/a
Breakfast Kit (Eggs + Meat)  
Ham Steak
1 Doz + 1 lb15.00n/a
Breakfast Kit (Eggs + Meat)  
Ham Steak
2 Doz + 2 lb28.00n/a
Breakfast Kit (Eggs + Meat)  
Sausage Links
1 Doz + 1 lb15.00n/a
Breakfast Kit (Eggs + Meat)  
Sausage Links
2 Doz + 2 lbs28.00n/a
Breakfast Kit (Eggs + Meat)  
1 Doz + 1 lb15.00n/a
Breakfast Kit (Eggs + Meat)  
2 Doz + 2 lb28.00n/a

Please note that on items where a deposit is applicable, that it is a deposit ONLY, and will be applied towards the final harvested hanging weight of the animal and that will be invoiced separately after harvest. You will be invoiced separately for shipping charges if not picking up from the farm.

How Much Beef should I buy?

Consider how many people in your household and how often you plan to serve Beef.

Portion of CowFamily SizeFreezer SpaceBox SizePrice per LB
1/8 of a cowSmall Family
2 Adults with 0-2 young Children
75% of a Standard freezer
or 25% of a small chest freezer
45-55lbs - 1 Apple Box$7.50 LB
1/4 of a cowMedium Family
2 Adults with 1-3 older Children
25% of a Small Upright freezer
or 50% of a small chest freezer
90-110lbs - 2 Apple Boxes$7.25 LB
1/2 of a cowLarger Family
2 Adults with 2-5 Children or for sharing with another family
50% of a Large Upright freezer
(20 cu. ft.)
or 100% of a small chest freezer
175-220lbs - 4 Apple Boxes$7.00 LB
Whole CowLarger Family
2 Adults with 4-7 Children or for sharing with another family
100% of a Large Upright freezer
(20 cu. ft.)
a Large chest freezer(20 cu. ft.)
375-450lbs - 8 Apple Boxes$6.75 LB

The "Cut Information" form below describes cuts of beef available.

Beef Made Easy - Cut Information

When contacting our butcher, please have the butcher's cut list handy.

Butcher's Cut List


Grass Finished Beef

High Quality Beef Cow Facts:

Registered -  Black Angus / Limousin Hybrid

Angus produces the Highest Marbling Capability

Limousins are noted for their lean beef

Limousins have a longer loin area - more T-Bones & Rib Eyes than any other breed

ALL our cows and bulls are registered seed stock

We know the health and genetic history of each and every one of our livestock

We assure you are receiving the highest quality beef

NO  Growth Hormones


NO  Pesticides

NO  Herbicides

NO  Worries - Stress Free Environment - Come visit

NO  GMO grass seeded crops

NO  Grain

NO  Feedlot Conditions

How many months to deliver a calf?

9 months - Mama Cow is pregnant

8 months - Raised on mama's milk and grass

10 months - Pastured on irrigated cropland pasture grass

18 months old - Steers are harvested for tenderness

27 months total - to produce 1 product start to finish

Great tasting at a great price

Straight from the farm to your table

High in Omega-3

Lower in Omega-6 than grain fed beef

Affordable Pricing by Buying Direct

You're supporting your local American farmer

Animal Welfare Approved-Inspected

Grass-fed Only USA Certified-Inspected

USDA Crop Reports - FSA Grass farmer

Certified Humane raised and Handled

Grown Organic Practices

Grass fed Only USA

Grown with organic practices without the high price of the USDA sticker price seen in grocery stors. Buy direct from the farmer and save money.


Grass & Grain Fed Pork

Holy Hog Pork is raised humanely in a stress-free environment.  They live without worries, are treated with respect and love, and graze freely on lush, fresh cropland planted grasses and other well-chosen farm grown or locally sourced feeds.   Nourishing and treating the animals in this way, truly affects the flavor of the pork and it just feels morally right. The result?  The Pork we produce is flavorful, tender, and juicy.

Holy Hog Pork is:

  • Certified Humane Raised And Handled
  • Animal Welfare Approved
  • Drug-free
  • Free Range

Holy Hog Pork Feed is: 

  • Non-GMO
  • No Soy
  • No Corn
  • Farm Raised
  • Locally Sourced

These little piggies are happy, content piggies - born, raised, and harvested on the farm. They are free range with over 24 acres of lush pasture to roam.

Custom Butcher Ordering

  • Sold by hanging weight. Weight ranges 165 - 200 lbs.
  • Price includes harvest fees - Smoking, Cutting, Wrapping
  • Pork Chops, Steaks, Ribs, Roast, Smoked Ham Steaks, Bacon, Ham Hocks.

Pick your favorite Breakfast Sausage Flavor.

Beef and Pork ordering - Available year round.
We harvest on or near the 16th of every month.
Freshly harvested with each order! Will call when ready.

  • Humanely Harvested on Site
  • Professional Mobile Butcher/Animal Welfare Approved
  • Dry Aged for 14 Days
  • Cut, Wrapped, Quick Frozen
  • Labeled with Cut and Date
  • Deliver to Drop Off Site, or, You May Pick Up
  • Harvest to delivery is approximately 25 days

When you click the Buy It Now button, you will be redirected to a Secure website, Square.com, to enter your information for purchase.


Ordering/Pick Up/ Delivery


  • Once a deposit is secured, your meat is reserved.
  • Note that deposits are non-refundable because your custom order cannot be resold as all orders are custom cut and wrapped

Final Payment:

  • Preferred Payment is via Square Invoice, After harvest you will be invoiced for final Weight (if applicible)
    This takes approximately 4 - 5 days.
  • Checks - to be received and cleared by the bank prior to pick-up or shipping.
    This takes approximately 4 - 5 days.
  • Cash, Money Order, Cashier's Check are guaranteed funds. 
    Orders can be shipped immediately or picked-up.


  • Refrigerated trucks with monitored temperature gauges
  • No dry ice (can burn the meat, leave a smell, alter the taste)
  • Delivery Charges cover Refrigerated Truck, Driver and Fuel
  • Delivery to centrally located sites(extra charges apply) in Seattle, WA - Portland, OR - Vancouver, WA. - San Francisco, CA - Sacramento, CA Delivery to centrally located sites in Spokane, WA - Los Angeles, CA

Pick Up:

  • No extra charge 
  • No extra taxes fees for cutting and wrapping. 
  • Arrange a tour... Take the time to visit and see how your grass finished meat is grown.

Centralized Delivery Truck Locations:

  • San Francisco, CA
    • Wholesale Market - 2095 Jerrold Ave
  • Sacramento, CA
    • The Old 5th St. Produce Market - 2630 5th St
  • Los Angeles, CA
    • New Market - 1601 East Olympic
  • Las Vegas, NV
    • Arranged with purchaser / broker / personal carrier
  • Portland, OR
    • Arranged with purchaser / broker / personal carrier
  • Sandpoint, ID
    • Arranged with purchaser / broker / personal carrier
  • Vancouver, WA
    • Arranged with purchaser / broker / personal carrier
  • Seattle, WA
    • Charlie's Produce Warehouse - 4123 2nd Ave
  • Spokane, WA
    • Arranged with purchaser / broker / personal carrier

Click on "Use Meat Thermometer" to read more!

Do you know How To Cook Grass-fed Beef?

Cooking tips from our "Pure Beef" Cook-book.
The manual on learning how to cook lean Holy Cow beef for your family.

  • Slow Down - Most Grass-fed Beef needs to be cooked slow.
  • Coat with Oil - sometimes added because the beef is so lean.
  • Add Moisture - When cooking large cuts (like a roast) that need a longer cooking time, marinate, braise or even add a little water to the bottom of the roaster to keep it from drying out. A season premium quality beef rub is nice.
  • Lower the Heat - Grass fed beef cooks faster. When grilling - cook over a medium flame.
  • Cooking Temperatures - For juicy, tender grassfed meat, you usually cook with temperatures under 300 degrees F.  Slow cooker should be on its lowest setting.  I often use 250 degree F, as I find this produces the best tasting.
  • Fast/High Heat - the exception - some steaks (sirloin tip, top round, mechanically tenderized round steaks) can be pan fried or grilled on a high-heat, provided they are cooked quickly.
  • Do not overcook - Your 'served' beef should be rare or medium-rare.  Grass fed beef is tender, but over cooking can make it tough.
  • Rest your beef - Grass fed beef cooks about 30% faster than store (grain-fed) bought and it continues to cook when at rest.  Remove your roast from oven or grill 10 degrees below your serving temperature. It will continue to cook!

for best results:

  • 140° - Rare
  • 150° - Medium rare
  • 160° - Medium well
  • 170° - Well Done

Enjoy great beef recipes:

  • The Grass-fed Gourmet Cookbook
    by Shannon Hayes
  • Pure Beef-  by Lynne Curry

Click below for your suggested cooking tips and recipes:


These certifications and endorsements are a badge of honor for a family farmer and a safeguard for you the consumer. They are for your health and safety - to assure you that our farm meets specific quality and health standards.  In truth, at Holy Cow Grass Fed Beef, we strive to exceed these requirements - we want to be the very best. We want to earn your respect and your business. Our livestock says no to drugs!   

When you see the Certified Humane Raised and Handled® label on a product you can be assured that the food products have come from facilities that meet precise, objective standards for farm animal treatment.

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