Holy Cow Offering Farm Fresh Grass Finished Meat That Is Free of Harmful Chemicals


Holy Cow "Grass Roots"- The Farmer's Daughter

Our family tree of traditional farming goes back over 200 years. The farm, where Holy Cow's grass-roots are today, has been in operation since 1945.

We are a sustainable, free range, homegrown livestock farmer, angus/limousin breeder, cropland planted grass grower, certified humane raised and handled, Animal Welfare Approved, producer. 

I am passionate about farming my cows the "right way" - naturally raised on cropland planted seeded pastures.  It is important that my herd be treated humanely, with love and respect, with no stress.  This also means they will live as a family herd ~ roaming, eating, and playing together.  My livestock of Angus/Limousin cattle consume no antibiotics, growth hormones, or pesticides. You can be assured the beef you receive will be very best.  It is pure beef, pure lean protein that is tender, juicy, and heart healthy.
My strong faith and ethics helps me stay focused on doing the best I can, for the Maker, the land and my cattle.  

Words to Live & Grow By

Honesty and Integrity
Affordable Grass Fed Beef
Farm Fresh Food
Buy Direct
Know Your Farmer: Angus/Limousin breeder, grass grower, certified humane raised & handled producer of grass finished meat

Heart to Heart

Custom butcher Shop NOT USDA Slaughter Facility.
Factory Farmers and Feedlots Are Killing Us With Their Practices & Chemicals"


These are my family farm values. In God We Trust.

  • I plant the seed and God makes it grow!  
  • I serve and protect the animals and the land for generations, saving our natural resources like soil and water.

The meaning of a true farmer.  Respectful of our environment, producer and keeper of clean water, clean air, and our fertile soil.  If everyone knew this perhaps then they would be seen as valuable as physicians. Holy Cow!! I chased the dream not the money, that's why GOD made me a farmer.   

Giving Back

We are all part of life's cycles of giving and receiving.  I believe that by engaging with my community, I bring joy back into my own life. Try it! Grow some food this summer, taste mother nature's produce and share with others!


What Makes Our Cattle Unique?

Things you should know before buying  
These are the highlights.
Check our other pages for the details.

  • We know the health of our livestock throughout their life since they are born and raised on our farm.
  • We know the genetic background of each animal. 
  • They roam freely as a Family Herd - grandparents, mama's papa's and babies graze together.  
  • Living as a Family Herd creates a Humane, Stress-Free environment, which directly influences the quality and flavor of the beef.
  • Throughout their lives they only feed on mama's milk and then lush planted cropland pastures that we plant from seed.  Did you know some farms will feed their grass-fed animals grain the last 2 - 4 weeks of their life to plump them up?
  • Our cropland pastures are grown from our untreated Spring Mix seeds.  NO GMO Crops, NO Corn, NO Soy, NO Wheat, NO Grain of any type in their diet.  
  • We plant our cropland grass pastures at various times through the year and rotate the herds to the freshest crop.  This guarantees the herd is receiving the most nutritional value possible.
  • Our herd is inspected, meaning a third party has inspected the farm, assuring the public that we follow animal welfare approved standards and that our herd is humanely cared for. We are inspected at least once a year by a third party- Animal Welfare Approved and Grass Fed Only USA. Certification means - NO Antibiotics, NO Hormones, NO Pesticides and NO Synthetic Fertilizers are used and a lot more regulations apply. 
  • Adequate Vitamins and Minerals are essential to the health of our herd and the quality of our beef.  As such, the herd is provided Vitamin and Mineral Supplements, Kelp, and Sea Salt.
  • We work with a custom butcher who harvests the animal on site in a humane, stress-free, sanitary and safe way.  
  • We watch our livestock from birth to finishing, to harvest, cutting and wrapping, and shipping.

Nourishing and treating the herd in this humane way is morally right.  
Our integrity, trust, and knowledge that you will receive a quality product from Holy Cow Grass Fed Beef.
The combined practices noted above (and more) assure our beef will be excellent and safe.  It will be tasty, tender, juicy, lean and heart healthy. We refer to our cows as being High Class Cows, and we consider our beef to be the same - High Class Beef.  
Come See for Yourself
It's your choice to know and see where your food comes from!


Holy cow, a cowgirl who knows her cows.

You may not know what you're purchasing from the grocery store, but you will know if you purchase from me!

  • I know my cows by their name, their number and how they act every day.  
  • I know their health and genetic history.  
  • I know that other than mama's milk, they've fed only on lush cropland planted grasses throughout their life.  
  • You'll know where their feed comes from because we grow what they eat from seed. 
  • They are happy cows, living a stress-free life with back scratchers and rubs to help with dry skin and keeping flies at bay during the summer.  

Our herd is loved, talked to, rubbed down.  They live as a family, roaming together through pastures of cropland.  What a life!  

Just as important to know and understand is that we finish our animals humanely - one at a time - on the farm using a Custom Butcher with a clean, sanitized mobile truck.

In contrast to slaughter houses, our animals are harvested quickly, one at a time, without their prior knowledge so they do not become stressed, and away from the herd so they too are not stressed.  

Why Not Purchase from a Grocery Store, or a Private Seller without Certifications? 

Simply put - unless you purchase beef from a reputable grower, producer and harvester, you won't know what you are eating. Too many unknowns!

Even private sellers of grass fed beef need to be questioned. Many advertise grass fed, but actually they grain feed their livestock the last 2 - 4 weeks prior to harvesting.  

If you don't ask, they won't tell you.  Make sure they are certified Animal Welfare Approved producer.  That they are inspected by a third party and follow or exceed natural organic standards.

 Not only should you ask questions about the background, health, life style and harvesting of the beef you purchase, you should know the health and safety of the environment the herd lives in, harvested, cutting and packaging location and conditions, storage and transportation.  Lots of questions.

Feel free to ask us questions about how we care for our livestock to ensure the highest quality meat.


Health Benefits of Grass-fed Beef

Heart Healthy benefits of free range, natural, cropland planted, grass-fed beef
compared to feedlot grain-fed beef:

  • Lower in fat, cholesterol and calories
  • Lower saturated fats linked with heart disease
  • Higher levels of Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Higher levels of beta carotine (Vitamin A)
  • Higher levels of CLA's (conjugated linoleic acids)
  • Holy Cow Grass-fed Beef uses NO hormones, NO antibiotics,
    NO pesticides, and NO GMO substances.

100% cropland planted grass fed beef is a premium lean and natural complete protein for your family meals
Buy the Best! Your Direct Source of Home-Grown Holy Cow Grass-Fed Beef.


Most important!

Come see for yourself, its your choice to know and see where your food comes from!

  • Ask Questions
  • Check Certifications
  • Visit the Farm and the Custom Butcher Shop
  • Ask for Customer Recommendations

Know you are purchasing from an Angus-Limousin reputable breeder, grass grower and certified producer of high quality grass feed and grass finished beef.



  • Supervisor on the Conservation Department Board for South Yakima Conservation Department
  • Washington State Department of Agricultural
  • Grass Farmer-Grass Grower
  • CattleWoman Association.
  • Grass Fed Only USA Certified Member

Awards and Honors


  • Certified Registered Waygu Kobe Beef Bull


  • 2018 Jr. Livestock Show Champion


  • 2017 best in show trophy for best carcass


  • Supermoms Against Superbugs
  • Grass Fed Only USA / Inspected Every Year
  • Grass Fed Finished Beef Produced
  • Grow Organic
  • Organic Pastures
  • USDA Organic


  • Farm of the Year Wapato, WA 
  • State of Washington Conservation Commission-Supervisors


  • Top Animal Welfare Certification/Inspected Every Year
  • Certified Humane Raised and Handled
  • Gro Organic
  • Organic Practices

Interesting Facts

All cows are grass-fed….Right?
Do you know what meat you're buying to eat in the super market? 
Grain-fed, feedlot slaughter cow or old dairy cows that can't make it!  O.M.G.

Find out more about the revolutionary movie: 
Food Inc.  As the movie claims, "You'll never look at dinner the same way" and "You'll be hungry for change".

The film talks about the dangers to humans when consuming beef: beef that has been fed growth hormones, antibiotics, and GMO substances.  Also describes unhealthy feed-lot conditions, E-coli prevalence in corn-fed beef, and animal cruelty practices in Industrial Corporate farming. These are secrets the food industry does not want you to know.

The point here is you should know where your food comes from - buy direct from a grass fed farmer.

Should we know what's in our food?

The Farmer of Hybrid Grass-Finished Beef. Breeder, Grass Pasture Grower, Certified Producer of High Quality Healthy Meat.


Seriously-No bull! Have you herd? We do it right from the ground up!

Seriously-Organic starts with Registered Feed stock, Black Angus/ Limousine / Kobe highest-quality marbling beef. Check out our live stock. Producing the best quality beef starts with choosing the right stock. Using cutting edge technology, we are able to acquire the genetic history of the livestock that will produce the best quality beef.  Their health history, amount of muscle mass, amount of marbling and size all matters in bringing you a tender, juicy, heart healthy, lean protein meat.  

In addition to genetics, quality beef requires nutritious feed.  Here at Holy Cow Grass Fed Beef, our herd feeds on mama's milk and then cropland pasture grasses.  To assure they receive the highest quality grasses, we grow our own grass as a crop. Our pastures contain a blend of red and white clover, native grass, blue grass, rye grass, orchard grass, sweet grasses and alfalfa. We call this our Spring Mix.  The herd rotates from pasture to pasture, giving them clean feed every 3 days.

Come and see our farm.  
Check out our livestock and take a look at our dark, lush cropland pasture grass.  The Bull plants his seed in the Cow.  We raise the Calf from Birth to Harvest.
Buy Direct from the Grass Grower, Angus/Limousin Breeder, Certified Producers of Grass Fed Beef . Holy Cow!

 The Only Way 

  • Grass fed beef is what God intended us to eat.
  • The animals should be FREE to graze, and FREE from stress.  
  • We need to Know where our food comes from and that it is harvested and processed in a safe and sanitary manor. 
  • We need to know where our livestock comes from genetically and where they have lived. Our calves are born, raised, and harvested here at the farm. Holy cow, we do it right. Farm to Table fresh grass finished beef and pork.